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Feedback from some of our delegates who recently achieved the Level 3 Award in Education and Training:

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found Sarah’s skills to be exceptional and innovative.

Sarah’s knowledge is vast and she is always happy to go above and beyond to ensure that her learners succeed. With a group of varied learners, Sarah was able to work and adapt to ensure not only everyone completed the course but to an excellent standard. Her personal and flexible approach meant the most disengaged learners became motivated.

I got so much out of the course that I continually think back and use the resources that have been given in all aspects of my career.

Thanks Sarah!”

“The teaching on this course was excellent. I was made to feel confident and that all of our views were valid. I had totally fallen out of love with further education for many years but this has given me the confidence and enthusiasm to do more. I’ve now remembered the enjoyment that learning gives me.”

“The quality and resources for AET have been of a very high standard. Sarah has been extremely supportive and has given clear guidelines throughout. It is clear that she has a great knowledge and understanding of teaching and facilitating to a group of varying learner styles. The course has been very enjoyable – thank you Sarah.”

“I’ve learned so much as the teaching has been consistently informative. If I’ve not been sure of anything, it’s been easy to ask.”

“I thought the teaching was really good – you could tell that the lessons were well planned. The course fitted around my current commitments and expectations were clear throughout.”

“This course has really made me think about the job I’m currently doing and how I can improve. It was really useful to have a tutor who was willing to put time and effort into ensuring that everyone had an understanding of the work and was up to date.”

“Amazing quality – really well delivered.”

“Sarah is relatable. She taught this course perfectly. It wasn’t intimidating in any way and she gave us all of the information we needed to succeed.”

“Sarah is brilliant. She is humorous, friendly, informative and maintained the interest of the group throughout the course.”

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