I started SKL Training because I believe that training should be delivered the way you want it to be. SKL Training is all about providing bespoke training where and when you want it. 
I’ve delivered training for over ten years, originally working at Worcester College of Technology offering employability training for people who had been out of work for six months or more. Since then I have written and taught courses for hundreds of learners a huge variety of backgrounds.  
I worked as Service Manager at YMCA for almost ten years and delivered training to both staff and residents as well as various programmes at the Youth Offending Service, employees of Kays in Worcester who were being made redundant, ex-offenders living at Approved Premises, students accessing Alternative Curriculum, pupils with Special Educational Needs and adult learners who were looking to improve their Maths and English skills. 


As well as teaching, I am qualified in Advice and Guidance and I think that over the last ten years or so I have written over 1000 CVs for clients! Having recruited for many years at YMCA, I realise how important the right CV or application form is and what employers are looking for when searching for a new member of staff. 
Most recently I have been working as a House Leader at a school in Malvern where I had pastoral responsibility for over 400 students. As a result of working closely with students who really struggled to maintain a good level of attendance for a variety of reasons, I decided to write a programme that focusses on encouraging students to make the right choices about their school attendance. It isn’t about threatening students that their parents will be fined if they don’t go in to school: my attendance workshop, Count Me In, is all about working through what students want from their lives and helping them to understand how their school attendance is essential to help them to get there. 
I hope you like the look of the courses SKL Training has on offer. If you have any requests, please do get in touch and we can discuss the right course for you.