Regular workshops are held in Worcester and Birmingham: please see course dates for more information. 
We are always happy to deliver courses in your workplace, wherever it is: we just ask for a mimimum of 5 delegates.  
Discounts are available when you book more than 10 delegates.  
Half day workshop 
Prices start at £50 per person 
When working with others, there are often times when conflict will arise. 
We provide training for adults in a variety of sectors, tailoring our sessions to suit what your staff do. 
Using some of the principles from SIA security training, your staff will learn about why conflict occurs and what they can do to minimise it. 
Delegates will challenge their own beliefs; have an opportunity to discuss their own experiences and learn from others. 
This training has proved invaluable for staff working with the public as well as other employees and service users. 
Half day workshop 
Prices start at £50 per person 
A thought-provoking half-day Equality and Diversity training course for staff members in any role within your company. 
We tailor our training to suit your organisation, but the principles remain the same for each course: how your staff can promote equality and value diversity taking all of the protected characteristics into account. 
"I've never thought about equality and diversity in this way before" 
"You're making me think" 
These are recent quotes from delegates who have attended our Equality and Diversity half-day course. 
By the end of this session, your staff will be able to: 
*Understand what the Protected Characteristics are and why they are important 
*Give a definition of equality and diversity 
*Promote equality, diversion and inclusion in your organisation 
Half day workshop 
Prices start at £50 per person 
What does LGBTQI+ stand for?  
I don’t care what gender or sexuality people are so why is this important?  
What is deadnaming?  
What should I do about toilet facilities for my transgender staff member? I’m uncomfortable with this – what should I do? My colleagues are uncomfortable with this – what should I do?  
Should I tell my gay student’s parents what she has told me? 
Do you want to know the answer to these questions and do you have more? Maybe you just want to specialise in a more specific element of equality and diversity… we’ve put together an interactive, learner-led training session to get you thinking about LGBTQI+ issues. 
You’ll learn about LGBTQI+ terms and definitions; different types of discrimination; prejudice and harassment and how to make sure your workplace/school is LGBTQI+ friendly. 
Full day workshop 
Prices start at £100 per person 
For anyone who experiences stress at work, home or in their personal life. 
For anyone managing others experiencing stress in their workplace who would like to recognise and change the situation. 
This full day workshop enables delegates to take a pro-active approach to workplace stress. It aims to improve health and wellbeing and reduce the impact of workplace stress. 
We will cover: 
Context of stress; general causes and effects 
Signs and symptoms 
How stress affects you and understanding your stress points 
Exploring stress prevention 
Perceptions and thinking skills 
Recognising stress in others 
Stress busting: your own action plan 

 For more information and to book 

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