Terms and conditions 

Courses are non-transferable: 
A course bought for one student cannot be transferred to another after purchase. 
Courses are non-refundable. SKL Training offers robust advice and guidance with options available to discuss individual requirements over the telephone, by text and by email prior to purchase. Extensive information about requirements and content on each course is also available on www.skltraining.co.uk
Completion dates: 
SKL Training will provide a completion date to the student at the start of the course. The student can complete before this date as long as all payments have been made. 
Where a student exceeds a completion date, a charge of £25 per piece of work outstanding will be made. 
SKL Training will not chase students for work nor give warnings of an upcoming completion date unless requested by the student. 
Payment plans: 
Where payment plans are applicable, they are as follows: 
£150 payment up front. 
Minimum of £100 per month until the full amount for the course has been paid off. 
Students must set up a standing order and provide proof of this standing order before the course is sent to them. 
Standing order payments must be made on or just before 1st of every month. 
SKL Training cannot claim for or post out certificates until the full amount has been paid. 
Where a payment is missed with no correspondence, no further coursework will be assessed until the missing payment is made. 
Where two payments have been missed with no correspondence or further agreements made, the student will not be permitted to continue the course and no refunds will be made. If the student then wishes to re-start the course, they will need to begin all payments again as if it is a new course. 
SKL Training requests that students inform SKL Training if they are experiencing payment difficulties to ensure that arrangements can be made and they are able to continue their course. 
Where a business is making a booking, payment must be received before the date for training is confirmed.  
Submitting coursework: 
Students must send only one piece of work at a time and wait for feedback before sending further work. 
Students must use the templates provided. 
Students must send coursework as a Word or Pages document, not as a PDF.  
Photographs of work cannot be accepted.  
SKL Training will mark all coursework within 2 working days of receipt unless otherwise stated. 
If the student has not heard from their tutor within 2 working days, the student should follow up with an email, text or phone call to ensure that their work has been received. 
Students are welcome to send draft copies of coursework for advice and are welcome to discuss work with their tutor at any point. However this must not be for every piece of work, particularly when previous pieces have passed successfully first time. 
Student coursework is either passed or referred. Passed work is coursework that has been completed to the required standard with no further changes needed. Referred work is sent back to the student with requests made for additional or changed content. 
Students can have a maximum of two referrals per piece of work. On the third referral, a charge of £25 is made per further assessment on that piece of work. 
SKL Training takes plagiarism extremely seriously, regularly and randomly checking students’ work to reduce the risk of this. Plagiarism is submitting someone else's work as your own, with or without their consent, by incorporating it into your work without full acknowledgement. Where SKL Training suspects plagiarism, the student will be informed and asked to resubmit the work. If the student plagiarises on more than one occasion, the student will not be permitted to complete the qualification with SKL Training and no refunds will be made. 
Certificates are posted via Royal Mail first class signed-for delivery. All tracking numbers are kept for six months. 
If a student loses their certificate after they have received it, they can order a replacement certificate through Open College Network (West Midlands Region). SKL Training can advise on this for no cost or can process the request for the student for an administration charge of £30 (plus Open College Network (West Midlands Region)’s administration charge). 
Student information: 
SKL Training takes student data protection very seriously. No information about students is kept, other than an email address and phone number. 
Student files: 
SKL Training has Direct Claim Status with Open College Network (West Midlands Region), which means that their quality assurance processes are deemed to be robust. SKL Training has one External Quality Assurance visit from their awarding body per year. Once complete, student files are kept in a locked cabinet until this visit, during which, a percentage of files will be quality assured by the awarding body. After this point, files will be returned by post to the student. 
Cancellation charges: 
Where a student fails to attend a planned session – face to face, via telephone or Zoom/video call – or gives less than 24 hours’ notice of cancellation/rearrangement, a further charge of no less than £40 will be made. 
For further clarification on any of these terms and conditions, please contact Amanda Harriott:  
amanda@skltraining.co.uk or 07865 611202
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