LGBTQI+ Awareness

What does LGBTQI+ stand for?
I don’t care what gender or sexuality people are so why is this important?
What is deadnaming?
What should I do about toilet facilities for my transgender staff member? I’m uncomfortable with this – what should I do? My colleagues are uncomfortable with this – what should I do?
Should I tell my gay student’s parents what she has told me?
Do you want to know the answer to these questions and do you have more?
Maybe you just want to specialise in a more specific element of equality and diversity… we’ve put together a fascinating short course to get you thinking about LGBTQI+ issues.
You’ll learn about LGBTQI+ terms and definitions; different types of discrimination; prejudice and harassment and how to make sure your workplace/school is LGBTQI+ friendly.
This training includes information about guidance released for 2020 for schools.
Include Equality and Diversity and save £5:

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