Centre set-up procedures, terms and conditions 

We have used the term 'business' and 'customer' interchangeably in this article. Both refer to you, the business purchasing centre set-up from SKL Training.  
Centre Set-Up packages are non-refundable. Customers can add elements to their packages but not remove elements.  
Changes to Centre Set-Up packages must be agreed in writing by Amanda Harriott.  
SKL Training offers robust advice and guidance with options available to discuss individual requirements over the telephone, by text and by email prior to purchase. Extensive information about requirements and content of Centre Set-Up packages is also available on www.skltraining.co.uk
Completion dates: 
A timeline will be set at the beginning of the consultancy period. However, this is not set in stone! SKL Training is working with awarding bodies, over which SKL Training has no influence. Sometimes businesses will want to make changes to their original plans once the process has begun: this is fine. All we ask is for regular communication.  
If businesses fail to communicate or there are delays due to non-communication, extra charges may apply.  
SKL Training does not chase customers for contact.  
SKL Training will always respond to any emails or phone calls within 48 hours, not including weekends and bank holidays. Where SKL Training staff members are on holiday, an Out Of Office message will be set.  
Payment plans: 
Payment plans are possible, as long as they are agreed in writing with Amanda Harriott.  
Businesses or individuals purchasing a Centre Set-Up package must have paid the full agreed amount in full before SKL Training will commence any work with their business.  
Dates for training or consultancy will not be booked until at least 50% of the full amount has been paid.  
The process 
Each business is different so this process is just a guide, but what we would expect to happen is:  
Business researches Centre Set-Up packages on SKL Training's website and reads all blog posts 
Businesses complete Centre Set-Up initial questionnaire and submit this 
Amanda Harriott, Director of SKL Training, contacts business to discuss individual requirements  
If businesses require initial consultation before making a decision, this takes place via Zoom with Amanda Harriott. This is charged at £40 but is deducted from the final centre set-up fee if the business purchases a full package 
Business pays fee to SKL Training in full 
Dates are agreed for teacher training and assessor training  
Sarah Harris, Director of SKL Training, delivers all training 
Consultancy begins to discover how the centre will be founded 
Business planning takes place  
Research begins to find a suitable awarding body 
Application for awarding body is made 
At this point, the awarding body will require a payment up front. They rarely (if ever) offer payment plans. SKL Training has no affiliation with any awarding body nor any influence over their costs, products, services or processes.  
Resources are produced (some awarding bodies want these at the point of application and some do not). Centre set-up packages do not - unless expressly agreed with Amanda Harriott in writing - include resource writing services. SKL Training can and does provide resource writing services but these must be either purchased separately or agreed with Amanda Harriott in exchange for another element of your package.  
Policies and procedures are written 
Consultation continues to ensure the business has everything it needs for centre set-up 
Centre approval is granted  
You open your centre  
Telephone support is available for 3 months  
SKL Training provides an independent consultancy service. SKL Training is an independent business with no affiliation with any awarding body or external organisations.  
All decisions will be made by you, the business purchasing this service.  
SKL Training will not be held liable should your training centre not develop as planned. SKL Training does not provide financial advice: this should always be obtained from a qualified accountant.  
SKL Training will not be held liable for any decisions made by awarding bodies.  
SKL Training are experienced trainers and consultants. CVs, references and reviews are available if required.  
Appeals and Complaints Procedure 2022-23 
This procedure is for students who have undertaken or are in the process of undertaking qualifications or Centre Set-Up through SKL Training Limited. 
This procedure is intended to provide a formal means for students to challenge an outcome of an enquiry about results from or a learning experience with SKL Training Limited. 
Stage 1 - Lodging an appeal 
As a student, if you are not satisfied with an outcome of an assessment, you should submit your appeal to us in an email within 30 days of the feedback being given. Appeals should be addressed to Sarah Harris, Director of SKL Training Limited, and must include the following: 
● Date and type of assessment / product / service 
● Grounds on which the appeal is made 
● Supporting documentation to corroborate circumstances, if appropriate 
SKL Training Limited will acknowledge an appeal that is lodged with us within 14 days of receiving the emailed appeal. 
Stage 2 – Investigation 
Sarah Harris will organise an investigation of the procedures followed. The investigation will be conducted by 2 members of staff – the Assessor and Internal Quality Assurer (IQA) – one of whom has not been involved in the original assessment decision. Amanda Harriott, Director of SKL Training Limited, is the Internal Quality Assurer. 
Sarah Harris will provide feedback to Amanda Harriott and candidate on the outcome of the investigation along with a proposal for resolving the appeal, within 30 days of acknowledging the appeal. During the appeal procedure, SKL Training Limited will ensure that we retain all of the candidate’s documentation, safely and securely. Failure to provide adequate evidence within the 30 day period will result in the complaint being filed and treated as resolved. 
Stage 3 – Unresolved appeals 
In the case of unresolved appeals that relate to teaching and assessing qualifications, Sarah Harris will contact the Awarding Body, Open College Network (West Midlands Region), on behalf of the student and at this stage the Open College Network (West Midlands Region) Appeals Procedure will apply. 
SKL Training directors manage appeals, including the dissemination of information about the procedures to students. 
SKL Training Limited allows the student to be supported in the presentation of their case by a parent, guardian or friend. 
A written record of all appeals is to be maintained by the centre. The written record that is kept includes the outcome of the appeal and it includes the reasons for that outcome. A copy of this is also sent to the student. 
All students are able to gain access to: 
● The marks/assessment decision awarded to them by our centre for an assessment. 
● All comments recorded by our centre relating to their assessed work. 
● Any correspondence between our centre and the Awarding Body relating to their assessed work. 
● Information, if available at the time of the appeal, as to whether their work was sampled by the Awarding Body. 
● The moderated mark given to the work by the Awarding Body, if known relevant Awarding Body procedures for the conduct of assessments. 
Our centre will inform the Awarding Body of any outcome from an appeal which has implications for the issue of results at our centre. 
Full details of any appeal are available to the Awarding Body on request. 
Learners who wish to make a complaint about SKL Training’s services can do so in writing (post or email) to Sarah Harris, Director of SKL Training Limited, up to 30 days after the event. 
Learners must provide enough assistance and information in order for the Directors to investigate the complaint properly. 
Post: SKL Training Limited, 20 Goodwood Avenue, Worcester WR5 2HR 
Email: sarah@skltraining.co.uk 
Customer information: 
SKL Training takes student data protection very seriously. No information about students is kept, other than an email address and phone number. SKL Training Limited is registered with the Information Commissioners Office.  
Cancellation charges: 
Where a customer fails to attend a planned session (lesson or consultancy) – face to face, via telephone or Zoom/video call – or gives less than 24 hours’ notice of cancellation/rearrangement, a further charge of no less than £40 per person will be made. The rearranged session cannot take place until this payment is received.  
Classroom / Zoom sessions: 
If the customer has purchased a Centre Set-Up package for two or more people, the two or more students must attend sessions together: sessions will not be held separately without additional charges.  
For further clarification on any of these terms and conditions, please contact Amanda Harriott:  
amanda@skltraining.co.uk or 07865 611202
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