By Sarah Harris 
As someone who has - since childhood - experienced a lot of anxiety and low mood, I have always been aware of something very annoying to me that occurs when (some) people want to help. I have never been able to fully describe it or even give good examples of when it has happened. What I did know was that it always made me feel a lot worse and, in turn, more guilty about feeling low or anxious and much less likely to bother others with how I felt. 
By Sarah Harris 
Thank you so much to every person in 2019 who has signed up to a course with us; attended a workshop; purchased our educational resources; commissioned us for careers work; let us post photos of you; told your friends/families/colleagues about us; liked, shared or commented on our posts; or generally just supported us throughout the year. We appreciate every single thing that our learners, friends and families do to support us! 
You may have seen us posting recently about a new option for people looking to complete their Award in Education and Training (AET: the teaching qualification) and their Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement (CAVA: the assessor qualification), meaning that they do both qualifications simultaneously. But why? Why are we encouraging people who are generally working full time with family and other life commitments to take on not one but TWO professional qualifications at the same time?! Here are some FAQs… 
You’ve got the skills to pass on; people have asked you to teach them and you’ve got a thriving social media page with likes and shares right, left and centre. But how do you turn your main business into a training centre? 
We’ve put together a brief guide on the type of things to consider if you think becoming a training centre is right for you and your business. 
If you're studying for the Level 3 Award in Education and Training, your Microteach is inevitable! Here are hints and tips so that it goes as smoothly as possible!  
We answer one of the most common questions from potential Award in Education and Training Students... 
Apart from our old faithful Award in Education and Training, the qualifications we are asked most about are the ones you need to be an assessor. Becoming an assessor has suddenly become very confusing. When I qualified in 2009 it was easy: you completed the A1 Award and all was well. If you search for Assessor qualifications on Reed today, though, you are met with hundreds of options with all sorts of titles. Some of the qualifications listed don’t even exist anymore so for this blog, we thought we would cut through the jargon and work out what is really needed if you want to be an assessor. 
Thank you for the continued positive comments about Ben's videos. Here's Ben's latest vlog, in which he reviews the lift in his home. Watch until the end when he goes up in the world... 
You never forget where you were when you found your first decorated rock. I was really excited when I found mine. I had to feign nonchalance because I was in the presence of a three-year-old and a one-year-old and I'm 35, but inside I was squealing. It was in Bromsgrove and we chose to rehide the rock in the same park in which we found it. Since then, I have found a grand total of three rocks.... but from the look of the Facebook page Worcestershire Love On The Rocks, there are thousands more to be found.  
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