We are always happy to deliver courses in your workplace, wherever it is: we just ask for a mimimum of 5 delegates. Discounts are available when you book more than 10 delegates. Contact us for more information and to book. 
Full day workshop  
Prices start at £100 per person  
Also available in distance learning: £49 per person 
Available to buy NOW in our shop
A thought-provoking full-day Equality and Diversity training course for staff members in any role within your company. 
We tailor our training to suit your organisation, but the principles remain the same for each course: how your staff can promote equality and value diversity taking all of the protected characteristics into account. 
Our learners said: "I've never thought about equality and diversity in this way before" and "You're making me think" 
By the end of this session, your staff will: 
Understand what the Protected Characteristics are and why they are important 
Give examples of how to promote equality and value diversity in all areas of life and work 
Explore offensive language and look at alternatives 
Give a definition of equality and diversity 
Know about hate crime  
Be able to promote equality, diversion and inclusion in your organisation 
TRIGGER WARNING: offensive language and discussions on racism, homophobia, transphobia and other abuse.  
Full day workshop  
Prices start at £99 per person 
Also available in distance learning: £49 per person  
Available to buy NOW in our shop
What does LGBTQI+ stand for?  
I don’t care what gender or sexuality people are so why is this important?  
What is deadnaming?  
What should I do about toilet facilities for my transgender staff member? I’m uncomfortable with this – what should I do? My colleagues are uncomfortable with this – what should I do?  
Do you want to know the answer to these questions and do you have more? Maybe you just want to specialise in a more specific element of equality and diversity… we’ve put together an interactive, learner-led training session to get you thinking about LGBTQI+ issues. 
You’ll learn about LGBTQI+ terms and definitions; different types of discrimination; prejudice and harassment and how to make sure your workplace/school is LGBTQI+ friendly. 
This training includes guidance released for 2020 for schools 
Minimum one full day workshop 
Prices start at £100 per person per day 
Bespoke programme for anyone looking to develop, design or write their own courses, training or workshops 
We can cover any or all of the following: 
Working with different learning styles 
Writing assessments 
Making presentations 
Course design from scratch 
Working to set criteria 
Content creation 
Workbook or resource design 
Using icebreakers 
Any other topic that you require, relating to course design and writing  
Full day workshop  
Prices start at £100 per person 
Also available in distance learning: £49 
Available to buy NOW in our shop
Email is one of the most widely used forms of communication both in and out of the business environment. It’s quick, efficient and people in all sorts of roles are now required to use it, even if they aren’t office based. This is a beginners' workshop ideal for anyone who sends emails at work, and wants to ensure they are polite, professional and effective. 
Using the 7 Cs of communication, you and/or your staff will increase confidence and learn how to craft the perfect email every time 
Your tutor is a qualified teacher with additional certifications in magazine journalism and English tutoring as well as experience in writing professionally and for fun. 
By purchasing any of these workshops or services, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. 

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